A Slumdog Millionaire Sweep at the Oscars?

The academy awards ceremony is just around the corner (this Sunday) and the big question is just how many awards will Slumdog Millionaire win. It is up for 10 awards and the movie has built the perfect momentum leading up to the Oscars. Slumdog was the big winner at the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild and the BAFTAs.

Slumdog Millionaire is the odds on favourite to win the best picture award and my guess is that it will lose out only if the Academy decides to reward Milk in a big way. Milk is about Harvey Milk, the first ever openly gay politician to be elected to public office in the U.S. This could just be the Academy’s way of stating its opposition to Proposition 8. But my gut tells me that the academy will instead reward Sean Penn for his portrayal of Milk with the best actor award.

Why Slumdog Millionaire will win

I know I am rather late in expressing my love for this movie but I have to say that one cannot help but be pulled in by the frenetic energy of the film. Yes, there is a lot of poverty, garbage and general hopelessness about life in Mumbai but that definitely isn’t the point of the movie. The fact that an underdog comes from nowhere to beat the odds, get the money and win his girl and in such a novel manner isn’t something that is rare in Mumbai. It happens ever so often. The movie has a lot going for it- from the kids, to the plot, the soundtrack and of course the brilliant direction. And all this is from a movie which was shot on a budget of $13 Million and almost didn’t get picked up by any major distribution houses.

I don’t think Slumdog will win 10 Oscars- the technical awards should be split among the rest including Benjamin Button and The Dark Knight but I think it will win the big ones- Best Movie, Direction, Adapted Screenplay and of course Score & Song!

I must admit that I am not particularly looking forward to Anil Kapoor doing the bhangra every time the movie wins an award but I guess I cannot complain, after all he is responsible for the lovely Sonam Kapoor

Some Interesting Links:

1. Nate Silver’s predictions. If you haven’t heard of Nate Silver- let me tell you he is no movie critic. He is a stats geek/wizard who started fivethirtyeight.com where he predicted the results of the U.S. presidential elections correctly for all 50 states using historical data and logistical regression. He calculates that the odds of Slumdog winning is a rather heady 99%.

2. Wall Street Journal takes a break from covering the doom & gloom of the business world and instead wonders if Marisa Tomei will join a long list of actresses who won an Oscar for playing a stripper or a hooker.


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3 Responses to A Slumdog Millionaire Sweep at the Oscars?

  1. jonas says:

    Does the Oscar deserve our time and attention?

    These are the facts:


  2. Nivi says:

    I agree with you on Slumdog. Yes, it shows us as a third world country with poverty ridden slums.

    But are’nt slums everywhere poverty ridden? I think the greater message the film carries, that of hope and optimism is what makes it a great movie.

    I expected best movie to go to Milk though. Nevertheless seems like you did a pretty good job of predicting.

    As for me I am super glad ARR won. And even so that he won an Oscar for a not-his-best work!

  3. Mannequin says:

    I think the best I got from the film is that you just can’t mess with destiny. And, its the choices we make. You see, Jamal and Salim were two kids in very same situation and who ended up where?
    It is written.

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