The Oscars


Some quick thoughts on the Oscars:

1. How awesome was it to see AR Rahman up on stage? I know this sounds silly, but for me it was like seeing an old and dear friend celebrating the greatest night of his life. I cant think of too many other people who command as much as respect and receive as much adulation as he does from Indians all over the world. I don’t think too many people in the audience would have been aware of the significance when he spoke about his mother or about his choice between love and hate. Nevertheless, its fantastic to see AR Rahman get the recognition that he has been getting, Indians have always known just how brilliant he is. Now, the rest of the world will see the genius which we have known all along.

2. It was good to see the entire cast and crew of Slumdog Millionaire- from the little kids to the producers to the technicians and even Vikas Swarup up on stage for the best picture Oscar- It almost seeemed like one big fat Indian wedding! Totally opposite to the usual best picture acceptance speeches- which has one stereotypical white male producer thanking a bunch of studio heads. Kudos to the producers for getting all the kids to fly over for the ceremony.

3. I was happy to see that there were no cringe worthy moments such as Anil Kapoor doing the bhangra up on stage.

4. I thought Hugh Jackman did great but somehow missed the usual long opening- where the MC pokes fun at all the celebrities. Hopefully, the academy will go back to John Stewart next year.

5. Why wasn’t the Dark Knight up for Best Picture? I don’t think it was worthy of a best picture Oscar but it certainly merited a nomination.. No wonder the Oscars just don’t get good television ratings- the most successful movies of the year never seem to be up for any awards. As Tom Shone observes in his book, “Blockbuster”, Hollywood spends nearly all its money and energy working out what teenagers want and cravenly giving it to them. Then, once a year, it pauses to ask: “But is it art?”. It is hardly surprising that its conclusions are often so dismal.

 No wonder this ceremony had the third lowest rating of all time. 


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6 Responses to The Oscars

  1. Mannequin says:

    Totally agree about Rahman! I feel like one of my friends won the Oscar.. namma Madrasi thanae 🙂 High time! Very well-deserved!

    And, like you said pleasant change to see the whole cast and crew up there.. its like the one shot at glory for the lesser-recognized people who worked as much as towards making the film instead of just the producer. I was especially happy to see the kids. what a dream come true for them!!

    Dark Knight was good, no doubt, but usually comic book heroes never make it to the Oscars. Plus, I think the film was technically brilliant rather than the story or screenplay and should have been nominated for more number of technical awards at least.

  2. Anjana says:

    Absolutely! It was great to see ARR up there even if for a score which is unworthy of him 🙂 You should see how excited everyone in Madras is. All the radio stations are playing his old songs all day. And re Dark Knight, I read somewhere that the only time hugely popular movies ever won Best Picture were when Titanic and Return of the King won!

  3. Vidya says:

    “All my life, I had the option to choose between love and hate. I chose love and now I am here,” and then ARR briskly turned and walked off. Wow…poignant and fantastic.

    Otherwise, I am a little sore about Loveleen Tandan not given her total due…she directed the better bits in the movie- with the kids (and that’s a really difficult task)- wrote the dialogues for that part, and she ended up being a decked doll on stage.

  4. Shiva says:

    Totally agree with point 5. TDK deserved a nomination at the least. And Christopher Nolan not being nominated was totally unacceptable. The movie just made a billion dollars for those freakin hypocrites and their floundering industry. AND, it’s as much a work of art as any of the other nominees (way better than trash like The Reader).

    I’m a huge huge fan of Jon Stewart, and liked him a lot as a host, but I have to agree with something I read somewhere(prob Slate), about him being a political satirist from New York, hence making him a complete industry-outsider. I think you need to be one among them. I think Tina Fey would be phenomenal as a host. Mayybe next year!

  5. Shiva says:

    And Mannequin, no offense, but I think no one in namma great city likes being referred to as ‘Madrasi’. I’d go with ‘Chennaiite’ 🙂

  6. P says:


    I agree..I was thinking about LOTR but I completely forgot about Titanic! Thats just so stupid. There are some good movies out there which deserve a nomination at least! And I watched the AR Rehman’s return..incredible scenes in Meenambakkam! 😀 And yep, a score which is very unworthy of him

    Apparently, he first made Jai Ho for Yuvraaj but Subash Ghai rejected it. He had to get Ghai’s permission to use the song for Slumdog!

    @Shiva: Tina Fey would be brilliant! She just oozes so much confidence and it seems to me that people just can’t get enough of her! And TDK was a brilliant movie- truly a work of art.

    And regarding Mannequin- I guess she has a lot of ‘Northie’ colleagues calling all of us Madrasis!

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