The Pitfall of Tweeting exactly what you feel

Last week I finally hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, so far it seems like its a great idea but I really wonder if I will the patience to continue Tweeting (Especially if I don’t get too many followers!)

But here is something I wont do – score a job especially in this terrible economy and then proceed to Tweet about how I am going hate it!

That is precisely what a person did after he had been hired by Cisco and the Tweet got the attention of a Cisco channel partner who promptly responded to that. Will be very interesting to see what happens to the original poster!

You can see more details here

So the next time you post something on Facebook/Orkut/Twitter/Linkedin- think twice about what exactly you are posting. Some of this can come and bite you.


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Doing my best to achieve personal and work balance. I have a lot of interests and I need to find the right balance to spend time doing them all!
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3 Responses to The Pitfall of Tweeting exactly what you feel

  1. Shiva says:

    I might be in IT, but I don’t think I’ll ever get what Twitter is about.

  2. nivi says:

    well, yes, though all these guys are like tell us what is on your mind, we should be mindful that you are writing stuff, its not like saying anything!

    And I like twitter , I get a lot out of it. You just need to follow the right people 🙂

  3. P says:

    @Shiva: Well, I like it so far but it just seems like such an effort especially if you are going to be updating from the net all the time. Maybe I should get oen of those iPhone things… 😀

    @Nivi: Yeah, that is true 🙂

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