Zen Habits

It’s been a long time since I have posted and I am pretty certain I have lost all of my five readers! Anyway, hope to get going again, once I decide exactly what I hope to achieve with this blog. The biggest stumbling block is my issue with privacy and how much information I really want to reveal on the public domain! Anyway, I guess I will deal with it over time.

In this post, I want to talk about one of my favourite websites in recent times-  Zen Habits. As the website says it covers areas such as achieving goals, productivity, being organized and motivation. Not that I need any help with goals or motivation but some of the best articles on the site have dealt with issues such as getting organized and simplifying your life.  What is absolutely brilliant about Leo Babauta is that he never seems to try to sell anything that he hasn’t tried himself. The site’s template is simple and uncluttered and from time to time he has frequent guest authors with posts on different topics.

Have fun exploring! This is a good place to start.


About P

Doing my best to achieve personal and work balance. I have a lot of interests and I need to find the right balance to spend time doing them all!
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3 Responses to Zen Habits

  1. Anjana says:

    Throwing some tantalizing hints about privacy and all 🙂 What’s happening that you don’t want to talk about here?? I will call you sometime this week.

  2. mannequin says:

    the most faithful readers come flowing back 🙂

  3. P says:

    Nothing is happening Anjana 🙂 I feel generally freaked out about typing anything on this blog – unless it’s a link to another paper or website. Need to break it! And yes, call!

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