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Doing my best to achieve personal and work balance. I have a lot of interests and I need to find the right balance to spend time doing them all!

Back to Blogging!

After a year’s break fueled more by laziness and inertia rather than lack of time, I think that it’s time for me to get back to blogging. And unlike the previous posts (some of which are terrible), I intend to … Continue reading

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Running out of time (all the time)

Life is such a blur at the moment – I am finding it extremely difficult to get a handle on things and this is not good news for someone who loves things in his control! I look at people who … Continue reading

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Zen Habits

It’s been a long time since I have posted and I am pretty certain I have lost all of my five readers! Anyway, hope to get going again, once I decide exactly what I hope to achieve with this blog. … Continue reading

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The Nano and Innovation

In a gloomy economy and in an environment which finds the best automobile companies on their knees the Tata’s achievement in ensuring that the Nano was launched at the promised price of ~$2,500 is particularly commendable. In terms of India’s … Continue reading

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Obama and the art of gifting

He maybe an early contender for man of the century and probably the most popular man in history (unless you count Jesus as a man but lets not get into that) but Obama definitely has to learn about the art … Continue reading

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The Pitfall of Tweeting exactly what you feel

Last week I finally hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, so far it seems like its a great idea but I really wonder if I will the patience to continue Tweeting (Especially if I don’t get too many followers!) But here … Continue reading

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Can legalizing pot save California?

The Californian economy (the world’s seventh or tenth largest economy – depending on the source) is in serious trouble. There is a massive budget deficit in the state and economic conditions will result in lower revenues over the next few … Continue reading

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