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The Nano and Innovation

In a gloomy economy and in an environment which finds the best automobile companies on their knees the Tata’s achievement in ensuring that the Nano was launched at the promised price of ~$2,500 is particularly commendable. In terms of India’s … Continue reading

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Can legalizing pot save California?

The Californian economy (the world’s seventh or tenth largest economy – depending on the source) is in serious trouble. There is a massive budget deficit in the state and economic conditions will result in lower revenues over the next few … Continue reading

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Italy’s Biggest Business

Here is a nice trivia question. In 2008, which was Italy’s biggest business in terms of revenues generated? Was it Fiat- with its impressive automobiles and agricultural equipment? Nope. One of those glamorous fashion houses from Milan? Nope. The answer? The Italian … Continue reading

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